Dylan at FIU

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“Beyond Generations: Bob Dylan Through the Looking Glass,” a series of symposia, in three acts, is taking place on April 2nd, 8th, and 9th.

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Portrait graphic of Bob Dylan

Dylan at FIU is a series of symposia and community events that will explore the myriad facets of Bob Dylan’s career and cultural influence coinciding with Retrospectrum, the exhibition currently on display at the Frost Museum at FIU.


Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan’s Award-winning whiskey

Graduate Seminar
on Dylan

Rebecca Friedman, director of the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab, will be offering a course on social change in the ’60s with an emphasis on Bob Dylan.

The Global 60s: Public History in Theory and Practice
WOH 5905/
M 5:00-7:40pm
Spring 2022
R. Friedman

This Graduate Seminar will focus on the contradictory nature of cultural production and social change beginning in the the 1960s across the globe, with a particular emphasis on the emergence of Bob Dylan as a cultural icon. Over the term, we will not only get to know the exhibition Retrospectrum, but also explore how Cold War politics impacted everyday forms of expression, from music to art to literature. Particular emphasis will be placed on global youth culture.

Student Docent Training with Professor Richard Thomas

In preparation for the opening of Retrospectrum, the Frost Art Musuem and the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab put out a call for students of all ages from around the FIU community to work as student docents and lead tours throughout Bob Dylan’s exhibit. Richard Thomas, Harvard professor and author of the book Why Bob Dylan Matters, joined us for a lecture/training session to teach our student docents about Bob Dylan’s life and reiterate the significance of Dylan’s visual art and musical impact. Professor Thomas sparked new dialogue between the student docents and answered any questions they had about the art on display at the Frost Museum, Dylan’s life as a musician, and Dylan’s origins/progression as a visual artist. This prepared students to lead tours through the Retrospectrum exhibit and make sure their knowledge of Bob Dylan is adequate for any questions they may get from visiting guests and Dylan fans.